September 1, 2017 buttonqueen


It seems obvious now, but all credit goes to 2 Mello for this one.

Anyone who’s talked to me for any length on this project knows that I’m way more passionate about making the buttons than I am making games for the boards. I’m hard wired right now to drill holes in boards and drop buttons in them, that’s basically all I’m interested in right now.

So to keep things chug chug chugging along, we’re running a month long game jam starting September 8th! A whole month! Of game jam goodness. Where people will make games for the board and we’ll live stream playtesting them.

Basically this week I’m going to open up the code that connects the board to Unity, allowing people to make games for the button board. Have an interesting idea? Show me what you got. Seriously, I am incredibly interested in seeing what people make for 100 unique buttons, and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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