January 15, 2018 buttonqueen

#1000ButtonProject at MAGFest 2018

Photo by Olivia B

I was pleased to be a part of this years MAGFest event, the longest I’ve attended a convention with the board in tow.

Quick summation full of exciting talking points, go!

The Drive

  1. It is approximately an eleven hour drive from Central KY all the way to National Harbor.
  2. It is longer when you’re traveling in a van with 8 people.
  3. Somewhere in West Virginia there is a place called Biscuit World and the biscuits are great
  4. We were in West Virginia for forever

The Set-Up

  1. We made some minor alterations to the code for the board the day before going to the event, which is always terrifying to me and involved doing some live updating on the floor as we were setting up.
  2. They put the #1000ButtonProject with the indie arcade cabinets.
  3. Since I wasn’t with either of the two collectives – Babycastles or Death by Audio Arcade, I ended up somewhere in the middle of the two, with my two near dead poofs and a projector on a TV table so it would get high enough to be seen.
  4. The dudes in Death By Audio Arcade were super nice during set-up. They seem like rad people.
  5. Final set-up looked like this, with me between the arcade cabinet for Foiled & the set-up for Salmon Roll on one side, and a large tent covered in green fabric that represented Squishy the Turtle.


  1. Hey did you know there’s this thing called the FGC
  2. (That’s evidently an abbreviation for “The Fighting Game Community”)
  3. I did not
  4. They seem to like…really like the board?
  5. Someone told me that God was dead and that I had killed him
  6. Someone called me a genius.
  7. People seemed really, really into the board?
  8. Here’s a short video I made for social media that just shows a bunch of people slamming away to their hearts content.

I met with some awesome people, some of whom invited me and the board to shows! So that’s rad.

Downside: On the morning of the final day I came to the booth and saw that the game was down for the first time all weekend. Checking it turned out that someone had knocked the projector off of the TV table. While there was a note that reassured that the person who had knocked it off had been sober (um, cool I guess?) further investigation revealed that the bulb was pretty shattered and that there was more damage. I’m waiting to hear more from the folks at MAGFest about compensation to cover the destroyed projector since….well it’s not actually mine?

On a more personal, less off the cuff note: this is an event where I became overly aware that I was the only femme person traveling in my group, and that the arcade crowd was markedly male. There were a couple of developers in the Babycastles area, but I was so wired to the board that it was hard for me to leave it to say hi to anyone. It’s weirdly isolating being the only person like you at an event, like you have to represent everyone and that you’re somehow responsible for their feelings about your gender or identity.


But enough of that! I also got to meet a very cool dude named Woolie Woolz, who was a podcaster and YouTuber with Super Best Friends and was a very supportive and cool dude (I guess that’s repetitive). They talked about the board on their very good podcast, which you can listen to here.

There’s also a full video of the shenanigans we got up to en route to DC, in DC and on the way back. Or basically a full accounting, since I barely even touch on the giant wizard dance party with music provided by the boards own 2 Mello.

Til next time, dear board mates, we’ll see you among the stars. Or something. Do blog posts need sign offs?

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