January 17, 2018 buttonqueen

Centenntable to Attend Indie Arcade Wisconsin

We are pleased to announce that #1000ButtonProject (under the name Centenntable) will be attending the upcoming Indie Arcade event in Madison, WI.

I’ve never been to Wisconsin before.

This might also be a good time to talk about Centenntable vs. #1000ButtonProject. A little while back, while working on a few separate projects I realized that submitting the #1000ButtonProject to events might be complicated by the fact that everyone’s first question is “Wait aren’t there only 100 buttons.” It immediately became obvious that people would think that the project was unfinished rather than in a rolling state of development.

Hence, Centenntable. I’ve submitted to a few events under this name, and shown the project with those things in mind depending on the aim for each event. For Indie Arcade, in Madison, it made sense to go with the Centenntable moniker. Basically Centenntable is when the project is only 1 board.

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