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Centenntable Wins Sponsor Rosette at Kentucky State Fair

This year at the Kentucky State Fair, organizers introduced a new Fine Arts category: “Designweb Interactive Art: Websites, Apps, Media, Games.” Excited at the possibility of participating in an event with as storied a history as the Kentucky State Fair, I decided to submit my oddball interactive control – Centenntable – into the competition.

As a little kid growing up in a semi-rural part of the state, county fairs were an important summer activity and something that I participated in a deeply peripheral way. Hot days in the sun, wandering around raising money for building restorations for an art deco theater, while hoping to stop at a booth that sold fudge or tie-dyed shirts. There were quilt competitions in quiet rooms, where you could see each precise stitch under heavy fluorescent lights, ugly dog competitions on poorly kept church lawns. These competitions, their sweetness and intangibility, are weirdly foundational to who I am as a person — that cultural shit that stays with you even when you’re sure that you’re past it.

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Centenntable to Attend Hand Eye Society Ball

I am very pleased to announce that the #1000ButtonProject, in the form of Centenntable, will be attending its first international show — the Toronto, ON based Hand Eye Society Ball for 2018.

As their website states:

…And one by one danced the revellers in the LED-bedecked halls of their revel, and button-mashed each in the delighting posture of their play. And N++ and Cuphead and Line Wobbler held illimitable dominion over all.

So ends one account of a legendary gathering known as the Hand Eye Society Ball, an annual celebration of contemporary videogames and playful media from Toronto and beyond. Acting as both fancy videogame party and fundraiser to support a local gaming arts organization, this particular enchanted evening holds some fresh mysteries in store: Four artifacts brought together by four strangers, all meeting on the fourth of a series of strange nights indeed. Diamonds and spades, hearts and clubs: What could be the meaning of these elusive allusions?

I am very excited to take this road show to another country, and pleased as punch that the folks in Toronto are wiling to have little old me in their city. Hopefully we’ll have a bunch of great pictures to show off after the event, and a few more people excitedly playing the game but this time in fancy dress.

Want to come? You can get your tickets here.

Centenntable to Attend Anime Central Indie Game Party

Super pleased to announce that Centenntable (a part of the #1000ButtonProject) will be attending Anime Central as a part of the Indie Game Party. Come see us on the show floor with a lot of other great games!

Centenntable to Attend Indie Arcade Wisconsin

We are pleased to announce that #1000ButtonProject (under the name Centenntable) will be attending the upcoming Indie Arcade event in Madison, WI.

I’ve never been to Wisconsin before.

This might also be a good time to talk about Centenntable vs. #1000ButtonProject. A little while back, while working on a few separate projects I realized that submitting the #1000ButtonProject to events might be complicated by the fact that everyone’s first question is “Wait aren’t there only 100 buttons.” It immediately became obvious that people would think that the project was unfinished rather than in a rolling state of development.

Hence, Centenntable. I’ve submitted to a few events under this name, and shown the project with those things in mind depending on the aim for each event. For Indie Arcade, in Madison, it made sense to go with the Centenntable moniker. Basically Centenntable is when the project is only 1 board.

Kentucky Fried Pixels Launch Party

This past Friday I had the opportunity to be a part of the launch party for the second Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle. A collaborative bundle of locally made games, everyone else at the event was a developer as a part of the bundle or at least a local developer.

While it was very rainy, it was a lot of fun to see people come out and try the board before I take it in to check all the wiring (it’s had a busy 2 months).

There’s quite a few pictures from Kathryn for Louisville Makes Games, which you can check out on Flickr (and really if you’re interested in solid games event photography, these are freaking stellar). I’ve included four of my favorites here.

Where will the board be next? I have literally no idea. Hit me up on Twitter at @barelyconcealed if you’re just dying to see the button board at your event.


It seems obvious now, but all credit goes to 2 Mello for this one.

Anyone who’s talked to me for any length on this project knows that I’m way more passionate about making the buttons than I am making games for the boards. I’m hard wired right now to drill holes in boards and drop buttons in them, that’s basically all I’m interested in right now.

So to keep things chug chug chugging along, we’re running a month long game jam starting September 8th! A whole month! Of game jam goodness. Where people will make games for the board and we’ll live stream playtesting them.

Basically this week I’m going to open up the code that connects the board to Unity, allowing people to make games for the button board. Have an interesting idea? Show me what you got. Seriously, I am incredibly interested in seeing what people make for 100 unique buttons, and am happy to answer any questions you may have.